Interactive Kiosk

Our Interactive Computer Kiosks offer an endless variety of information that can be displayed: name listings, historical information, video clips, biographies or other information you may want to share. Our kiosks can be a freestanding unit or combined into a wall display. They can be used for corporate history displays, service recognition displays, recognition plaques, appreciation plaques,  achievement displays and special recognition.


Recognition Mission has been helping organizations with their custom recognition needs, sales awards, sales achievement displays, appreciation plaques, recognition plaques, recognition displays and employee recognition solutions. Our unique manufacturing capabilities, creative designs and commitment to customer satisfaction have lead to our success. We are a leader in on-site recognition of your star performers, employees, customers, vendors and executive staff. Our systems include: MagTech, Clear Change, Permanent Etch, Pocket D-print, Interactive Kiosk, Vista Frame, Defined Area, Stand-off, and Changeable Frames. Blog